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Sexuality is an important part of life, and even as you age managing sexual health is an essential part of maintaining healthy intimate relationships and ensuring overall physical and psychological well-being. At the Center for Sexual & Anti-Aging Medicine, board-certified physician Peter Niemczyk, MD, FACS, provides a number of essential services for helping patients address their concerns and manage their sexual health. With offices in Phoenix, Globe, and Show Low, Arizona, the Center for Sexual & Anti-Aging Medicine takes a modern approach to sexual health and managing medical concerns. To learn more, schedule an appointment online or by phone today.

Sexual Health Q & A

What is sexual health?

If you’re sexually active, it’s important to take steps to ensure your sexual health. There are a number of conditions that can impair sexual functions, whether they be physical or psychological. At the Center for Sexual & Urinary Function, Dr. Niemczyk offers men and women a number of essential services for addressing sexual dysfunction and managing their sexual health.

What is sexual dysfunction?

Sexual dysfunction refers to an array of issues that can arise for both men and women when attempting to be sexually active. In short, sexual dysfunction can impact the desire and ability to engage in sexual activity. The risk for sexual dysfunction increases with age as many sexual functions decrease or become impaired over time.

For women, issues with sexual dysfunction can include reduced feelings of sexual arousal, difficulties reaching orgasm, and discomfort or pain during sexual activity. For men, typical issues include erectile dysfunction (ED), rapid climax, and absent climax.

The causes of sexual dysfunction vary. For some, sexual dysfunction can be the result of a physical or hormonal change, while for others the dysfunction may be psychological. Whatever the cause, it’s important to discuss your condition with an experienced physician like Dr. Niemczyk to determine the best options for relief.

What sexual health services are available?

Whether you’re struggling with sexual dysfunction or looking to reverse signs of aging, the Center for Sexual & Urinary Function is equipped to address all of your sexual health concerns. Dr. Niemczyk offers a number of sexual health services for both men and women, including:

Vaginal health services

The Center for Sexual & Urinary Function offers a number of services for addressing women’s health issues like prolapse, incontinence, and desire disorders. The Center is also a leading provider of cutting-edge, technology-driven procedures including Votiva, a noninvasive radiofrequency procedure that improves low blood flow, vaginal pain, and decreased sexual desire. CSUF also provides vaginal rejuvenation using an assortment of minimally and noninvasive treatments that regenerate vaginal tissue and improve sexual function.

Erectile dysfunction treatment

Erectile dysfunction is actually a common men’s health condition, with the risk and prevalence of ED increasing as men age. The Center for Sexual & Urinary Function offers several options for treating and managing erectile dysfunction. These options include low-intensity shock wave therapy, penile injections (Priapus Shot®) and stem cell therapy.


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