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Optimal health and wellness is a lifelong goal for most women. With age, however, certain health risks and concerns naturally begin to arise, making this goal a bit of a challenge. At the Center for Sexual & Anti-Aging Medicine in Phoenix, Globe, and Show Low, Arizona, Peter Niemczyk, MD, FACS, provides compassionate women’s health services that help patients manage their health risks and address their medical concerns. If you’re looking for a medical professional with experience addressing women’s health issues, schedule an appointment at the Center for Sexual & Anti-Aging Medicine online or by phone today.

Women's Health Q & A

What is considered women’s health?

Women’s health refers to a variety of services and evaluations that help patients and physicians manage the health risks and concerns most commonly associated with women’s health. As most women age, there’s a number of functions relating to vaginal and sexual health that begin to naturally decline. At the Center for Sexual & Urinary Function, women have access to an array of impactful services that help address common issues like pelvic pain, incontinence, decreased libido, and painful intercourse.

What medical treatments are available?

After taking your overall health into consideration, Dr. Niemczyk develops a treatment plan to help you achieve your health goals. Dr. Niemczyk offers both aesthetic and medical services for addressing a variety of women’s health issues. Medical services include:


Votiva is a safe, highly effective therapeutic treatment that helps improve a number of vaginal functions. Using the power of radiofrequency, the noninvasive procedure boosts blood flow by addressing both internal and external vaginal concerns. Votiva treatments can help alleviate vaginal dryness, internal/external looseness, decreased sensitivity, and reduces signs of aging.

Hormonal replacement therapy (HRT)

Dr. Niemczyk uses bioidentical hormone pellets to help address hormone imbalances and regulate body functions. For most women, hormonal changes become an increasing source of concern with age. Whether it be from menopause or a hormone disorder, Dr. Niemczyk and his team are equipped to help patients overcome their conditions with personalized hormonal replacement therapy.

Metabolic evaluation

To provide the most accurate care, Dr. Niemczyk also offers metabolic evaluations. Metabolic evaluations, or, the metabolic code, it a method of assessing your health that gives your physician a snapshot of your overall health. Metabolic evaluations go beyond a basic physical and take into account your body's metabolic process, genetics, stress, lifestyle, and environment. Based on your evaluation, Dr. Niemczyk can recommend a number of lifestyle adjustments, including specific diets, activities, and supplements, all targeted at optimizing your health.

What aesthetic treatments are available?’

In addition to medical concerns, aesthetic concerns also increase with age. To help women address signs of aging, Dr. Niemczyk offers noninvasive treatments for common issues like crow’s-feet, smile lines, and scarring. Aesthetics treatments include:

Skin rejuvenation

At the Center for Sexual & Urinary Function, skin rejuvenation is performed using platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy. This technique uses naturally occurring platelet-rich plasma to regenerate your skin cell, helping your skin appear more smooth and youthful.

Skin remodeling

Similar to the PRP treatment, skin remodeling is used to enhance the overall appearance of your skin. The procedure is performed using the highly efficient Fractora™ radiofrequency system. The treatment uses the power of radiofrequency to gently penetrate the layers of your skin, triggering your body’s natural healing process.  


Women’s health services are essential to ensuring longevity and overall wellness. If you’re looking for a team of medical professionals dedicated to your individual needs, schedule an appointment at the Center for Sexual & Urinary Function online or by phone today.